Welcome to paperclip studios

We do things. Seriously. And fun stuff.

We do things. Seriously.

We are a consulting team based in Germany, Gibraltar and southern Spain. We help our customers when they are short on resources or need some expertise that is currently bound to other projects or not available in-house. We operate world wide, from Germany, Spain, Gibraltar or the US: we’re ready to support.
We plan, design, concept and develop clever education, ecommerce- and enterprise online database systems for the web. We do mobile applications for iOS and Android, we do games for the web and mobile and if you want a shiny new gem on your wrist, we develop watch faces and watch apps for Android Wear and the Apple Watch.
We make things happen.
During the past years, we have been able to assist a lot of well known brands with our knowledge and practical experience. We supported this companies in strategic development, conception, project planning and –management and realised a number of projects of different types in different sizes, from small to very big, from design to development.
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We make you making things happen.
For over 20 years, we create concepts, write requirements, design prototypes and develop both, the prototype and the final product. Regardless if it is a website, a e-commerce system, a revolutionary new internet portal, mobile app or game (iOS and Android, HTML5 or native) or anything else we can imagine (Yes, you can challenge us on that).
We do consulting in requirements-, project- and product-management for a variety of businesses, such as education, e-commerce and retail services, pharmacy, logistics, gambling or finance.
We use rock solid technologies and state of the art frameworks. We work with Java, Groovy/Grails, PHP / CakePHP / Laravel (and much more), modern JavaScript and we love to use Liferay, Magnolia, Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress, either to integrate or to extend them.
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